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Yogic Wealth

Since time immemorial, Indian sages have known the secret of wealth creation and, more importantly, its preservation. Documented in our scriptures, this knowledge has been passed on through the generations and is of immense relevance even today. Successful financial planner and media personality, Gaurav Mashruwala, unlocks these secrets for his readers, bringing out their value and applicability in today's world.

Yogic Wealth begins with a discussion on some emotions that the mind experiences in the context of situations concerning money. Then the author points out that unfortunately, these emotions do not allow us to enjoy our wealth. The concluding section of the book contains advice from our scriptures, which guides us on how to enjoy wealth and make sure it stays with us for generations.

The book also explains various facets of wealth - physical, emotional, social and financial - and the crucial need for a balance between them. Always maintaining the implicit distinction between Laxmi and money, it brings out the relevance of enjoying wealth in absolute terms, i.e. not relative to others. Mr. Gaurav concludes that our scriptures are not against wealth; they advocate the enjoyment of wealth in an absolute, calm, serene and respectful way - the Yogic Way.

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